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    A culture of embracing the latest medical advances;
    and creating an environment of diagnosis, treatment and
    care that gives every couple the best possible chance of
    overcoming problems with conceiving or successfully
    completing a pregnancy.

    This is what is making the Centre for Infertility Solutions
    the most productive place you can now go to fulfil your
    dreams of giving birth to a child; and experiencing
    the joys of becoming a parent.

To Professionally Assess Your Situation We First Require Your Information
To gain maximum value from your discussions with Dr Lolatgis all new CIS patients are requested to download and complete our Pre Consultation Questionnaire prior to your initial visit.

Donor Egg program with Genesis Athens
Dr Lolatgis hosted an evening around the Donor Egg program he co-ordinates with Genesis Athens. His patients walked away with valuable information to help them decide if this is the right path for them. On the night, Antenna TV were there and recorded a segment for the Greek news.