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Centre for Infertility Solutions

A culture of embracing the latest medical advances; and creating an environment of diagnosis, treatment and care that gives every couple the best possible chance of overcoming problems with conceiving or successfully completing a pregnancy. This is what is making the Centre for Infertility Solutions the most productive place you can now go to fulfil your dreams of giving birth to a child; and experiencing the joys of becoming a parent.

“Do not worry, there is always a solution to your problem” – Dr Nick Lolatgis

Centre for Infertility Solutions

The IVF Journey

For most people, the process of conceiving and giving birth to a child happens very naturally. But for one in six Australian couples, it is a journey in bravely dealing with reproductive problems. Many couples need IVF to achieve their dream. The journey is not complex and the rewards are great.

The Centre for Infertility Solutions (CIS) is a full service consultancy practice that provides advanced IVF treatments.

At CIS we aim to give patients their very best chance of success.

The journey


Donor Eggs

A small number of couples will need donor eggs, donor sperm or both to achieve a pregnancy.

CIS can help couples source eggs within Australia and overseas. CIS has contacts in the USA, Greece, Thailand, Spain and South Africa.

CIS makes the process very easy by coordinating all treatments with the overseas clinics.

There is always a solution.

Donor Eggs

Centre for Infertility Solutions


Surrogacy is required in a small number of couples. There may be anatomical reasons as well as medical reasons that make it difficult or dangerous for a woman to carry a pregnancy.

The solution is to engage a surrogate to carry the pregnancy. This can be arranged in Australia and overseas.
CIS coordinates all investigations and treatments.



We care about you.
We want to maximize your chance of a pregnancy.

Whichever way it goes for you, CIS offers a holistic approach to creating individual solutions for every patient which goes beyond bringing couples the very latest advances in Immunological and IVF knowledge and treatments. From long experience, we understand how emotionally taxing the journey of overcoming fertility problems can be and how important it is to professionally support and guide you through every stage.

To be diagnosed as ‘infertile’ and in need of IVF treatment is a confronting thing for any couple. Initially, it is perfectly natural for both partners to feel shocked and angry at the ‘injustice’ of it all. Ongoing, it invariably means dealing with a rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs and coping with the uncertainty of whether having a baby is meant to be.


What is egg freezing

Women who want to preserve their fertility for reasons of cancer treatment, career, or other personal choice, have faced a difficult barrier due to the poor success rates for egg freezing. Pregnancy rates for women using frozen/thawed eggs have been less than 4% for each individual egg frozen. This is due to the fact that 1) at least 60% of eggs frozen are chromosomally abnormal from the outset and therefore cannot produce a normal embryo and 2) traditional (slow) egg freezing techniques commonly cause ice crystal formation within the cell structure, reducing viability or destroying the cells in the process.

A new method of ultra-rapid freezing called “vitrification” is used, allowing much more successful freezing without ice crystal formation. 

Egg Freezing

Why choose CIS as your clinic.

Since 1981, Dr Nicholas Lolatgis, (Dr Nick) has been at the forefront of reproductive medicine. As director of the Centre for Infertility Solutions since 2015, his holistic approach and his knowledge has helped many women achieve their dream of having a family

CIS offers Personalised and Precise infertility treatments. CIS develops a personal plan to optimise your chance of success. CIS has dedicated staff that are compassionate and very supportive along the journey.

CIS teams up with MONASH IVF to give you the best Embryology Laboratory, best Clinicians and the most advanced techniques.

CIS likes to give back to the Infertility community. CIS hosts free patient education evenings that allows patients to meet the staff of CIS, one-on-one, to ask their many questions

CIS believes that a fully informed patient is empowered and happy which is important.